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rock the dragon mp3

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rock the dragon mp3



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March 6th, 2010

Saliva - Resident Evil

Artist: Saliva
Album: Resident Evil
Saliva Resident Evil
Tracklist :
  • 800

February 27th, 2010

Artist: Banda Apache
Album: Native American Chant
Banda Apache Native American Chant
Tracklist :
  • Native American Chant

February 25th, 2010

Artist: No Doubt
Album: Don't Speak (Single)
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<span style="font-weight: bold;font-size:180%;" ></span> <span style="font-size:130%;"></span><blockquote> <span style="font-size:130%;"> Artist: No Doubt<br>Album: Don't Speak (Single)<br></span></blockquote> <a href='http://getmp3here.com/release.php?ms_releaseid=4138'><img src='http://www.mp3sale.ru/imag/200x200/4138.jpg' alt='No Doubt Don't Speak (Single)'/></a><br/><span style="font-size:130%;"><span style="font-weight: bold;">Tracklist :
</span></span><ul><li>Don't Speak [Album Version]</li><li>Don't Speak [Alternate Version</li><li>Hey You [Acoustic Version]</li><li>Greener Pastures</li></ul><div style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size:180%;"><a href='http://getmp3here.com/release.php?ms_releaseid=4138'><span style="font-weight: bold;">Download No Doubt - Don't Speak (Single)</span></a></span></div><span class="hlr1"><br/></span>

February 24th, 2010

Artist: Metallica
Album: Rock Am Ring [CD 1]
Metallica Rock Am Ring  [CD 1]
Tracklist :
  • Ecstacy of Gold
  • Seek and Destroy
  • One
  • Battery
  • Jam - Master of Puppets
  • Master of Puppets
  • Jam - Nothing Else Matters
  • Break
  • Creeping Death
  • Drum Jam - Sad But True
  • Jam - Enter Sandman

There are two different songs from Metallica that are called Unforgiven II?

"real one" goes with a drum roll to an acoustic guitar the other version starts with a drum roll but then to a heavy electric guitar? What are they both called?

February 19th, 2010

Artist: Biagio Antonacci
Album: Pavarotti & Friends For Cambodia And Tibet
Biagio Antonacci Pavarotti & Friends For Cambodia And Tibet
Tracklist :
  • Se e Vero Che Ci Sei

Qualcuno Italiano?? Di tutte queste città che uno è più vicino a Roma?

Solofra (AV) - piazza Orsini
Formia (Latina)
Biagio Antonacci - San Siro (MI
Biagio Antonacci - Palermo - Velodromo
Riccia (Campobasso
Reggio Calabria
Paliano (Frosinone
Arma di Taggia

February 18th, 2010

X Japan - Vanishing Vision

Artist: X Japan
Album: Vanishing Vision
X Japan Vanishing Vision
Tracklist :
  • Dear Loser
  • Vanishing Love
  • Phantom Of Guilt
  • Sadistic Desire
  • Give Me The Pleasure
  • I'll Kill You
  • Alive
  • Kurenai
  • Unfinished

February 5th, 2010

Artist: Theatres Des Vampires
Album: Bloody Lunatic Asylum
Theatres Des Vampires Bloody Lunatic Asylum
Tracklist :
  • Preludium To Madness
  • 'til The Last Drop Of Blood
  • Une Saison En Enfer
  • Dances With Satan
  • Lilith's Child
  • Pale Religious Letchery
  • Altar For The Black Mass
  • Lunatic Asylum
  • Oath Of Supremacy
  • Dominions
  • Les Litanies De Satan

January 25th, 2010

Artist: Azrael
Album: Transilvania 666: Tribute To Iron Maiden [CD 1]
Azrael Transilvania 666: Tribute To Iron Maiden  [CD 1]
Tracklist :
  • The Evil That Men Do


so i was using the ouija board last night at midnight. i had fun communicating with spirits and was my first time...i stopped for a while and used it again and it was like 1:30 in the morning. my friends warned me about it but i didn't listen. and i don't know what to do cuz i was speaking to this one spirit and i asked it if he was good or bad and it said bad......so i got scared and i said to u must leave, and it said no and it spelled SATAN, LUCIFER, and AZRAEL...do u have any clue what the hell that means!!! i know whats SATAN but no thee other 3!!! im really scared and im home alone and last night i heard loud foot steps up stairs and like if someone was breathing heavy...i had to walk around with a crucifix, even in the day light i hear stuff. night is when im terrified, whats scary is the when im laying on my bed i feel a presence and next to me the bed sinks in as if someone sat down!!!...i don't know what to do..please help!?!?! should i stay over at a friends house??????
sorry about the tittle...i was just too scared....and as for u piece of shit who wrote spelling tittle fail...go to hell bitch, im seeking for help fag not grammer!!!

January 19th, 2010

Artist: J.Geils Band
Album: Best Of Driving Rock [CD 2]
J.Geils Band Best Of Driving Rock [CD 2]
Tracklist :
  • Centrefold

Favorite J. Geils Band song?

January 11th, 2010

Megadeth - Youthanasia

Artist: Megadeth
Album: Youthanasia
Megadeth Youthanasia
Tracklist :
  • Reckoning Day
  • Train Of Consequences
  • Addicted To Chaos
  • A Tout le Monde
  • Elysian Fields
  • Killing Road
  • Blood Of Heroes
  • Family Tree
  • Youthanasia
  • I Thought I Knew It All
  • Black Curtains
  • Victory

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